Prime Essential is committed to creating vibrant, sustainable communities.

We actively support the communities where we live and work through volunteerism, purchasing locally and charitable donations. We believe in supporting local organizations focused on health, performing arts, sports and community building.  


We strive towards a strong and consistent relationship with all our employees built on mutual respect and dignity. We provide a safe, healthy and productive working environment, and are committed to continual improvement. We are an equal opportunity employer. We provide training, education and professional development opportunities for employees who support our future work plans, our beliefs and guiding principles.


We are highly committed to being environmentally responsible, and we achieve this through a number of initiatives:

We maintain management systems, procedures and training plans that strive to:

  • Continuously improve the environmental performance of our projects throughout their life cycle.
  • At a minimum, ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and standards.
  • Improve the environmental performance of our operations including our daily operations, corporate travel and procurement.

We strive to eliminate waste in the goods and services that we purchase. SafetyData makes decisions that guard against over-consumption. Our approach is based on a simple hierarchy:

  1. Optimize our consumption and eliminate waste.
  2. Seek business process efficiencies.
  3. Purchase environmentally preferable products and services.
  4. Integrate new technologies.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy

Our strategy to reduce greenhouse gases consists of the following key initiatives:

  • Work virtually, travel and drive less.
  • Target paperless systems using cloud, mobile and other hand-held technology.
  • Reuse and recycle.

…And it works!

By applying these beliefs and strategies, we save approximately 12 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released every year. Due to the lack of commuting, our virtual employees gain 16 days per year to spend with their families and within their communities. Furthermore, each of our telecommuting employees saves $3,961 in vehicle expenses annually, and our communities save $1,345 in maintenance costs!