Prime Essential System Corp was founded by Neil Merchant in 2009. Neil, a former medic and safety manager in the oil and gas industry, had become highly involved in health and safety programs over a number of years. He worked as a safety manager for companies including Fletcher Challenge, Apache and Progress Energy, implementing successful safety systems.    

Neil recognized the growing need for this kind of expertise and wanted to help provide a solution for companies, including those without the resources to handle designing these programs on their own. Because each client varies in size and has different needs, Neil created a customized service that can be successfully implemented throughout a variety of industries.  

His knowledge and expertise have not only earned him a stellar reputation among his peers, but also an Award of Distinction from the Canadian Petroleum Safety Council.

Neil Merchant
The quality of work we do is so important to us. Our values are based on integrity and trust, and we have high standards. It matters to us who we work with - our customers’ values have to be in line with our values.
— Neil Merchant, President