Vision and mission


To prevent workplace incidents by ensuring our partners are operating safely and in compliance with all industry guidelines.


Using the expertise of our safety professionals, to provide our partners with easier, efficient systems to enhance safety.

Core Values:

  1. Safety – Above all else, we advocate for safety, and safety solutions, in the workplace.
  2. Integrity – We are committed to open, honest discussions and solutions.
  3. Teamwork – We work together to complement each other’s skills.
  4. Accountability – We take responsibility for helping our clients interpret and navigate the safety requirements in their industries.
  5. Passion – We are passionate about protecting workers and ensuring they get home at the end of the workday.


  1. Use our diverse, highly experienced team to provide professional safety expertise to our partners and clients.
  2. Provide the best customer service and support to our partners.
  3. Be recognized as a valuable outsource to our partners.
  4. Reduce our carbon footprint through telecommuting and paperless systems.